Public Accounts Commitee: Vacancy


An opportunity has arisen for members of the community to become involved in helping to ensure that FIG is delivering value-for-money to the residents of the Falkland Islands. Expressions of interest are sought from members of the public wishing to become a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Under the Falkland Islands Constitution, the PAC comprises:

(a)  a chairman and two other members appointed by the Governor; and

(b) two members of the Legislative Assembly.

The PAC will soon have a vacancy for members under (a) above.  The role will involve reviewing a range of different documents including reports, financial statements and evidence collection.  Some of this work will take place either remotely or in combination of meetings by phone or in person in order to carry out the PAC’s obligations.  Time commitment is variable but could involve a minimum of four meetings per year, plus background reading and preparation. Expenses incurred in attending PAC meetings are reimbursed.  The appointment period is for a maximum of four years but could be shorter.  If you need more information about what commitment is involved, contact the PAC Secretary on 22905 or by email

The PAC has an important scrutiny role over the public accounts of all government departments and specified bodies.  The PAC’s task is to ensure that public funds have been expended properly, for the purposes for which they were voted by the Legislative Assembly.  Hence the role is varied, complex and fascinating.  Individuals appointed to the PAC make a significant contribution to the community, in helping to maintain high standards of public administration and good governance in the Falkland Islands.  This calls for PAC members themselves to have the highest standards of personal integrity, discretion and commitment to the good governance of the Islands.Applications should be submitted to the Governor by Friday 24th July 2020 setting out the reasons for the applicant’s interest in the PAC and the skills and experience the applicant would bring to the job.

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