Falklands PAC members attend CPA London Forum

Members of the Falkland Islands Public Accounts Committee attended the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, UK Government, Government Internal Audit Association and National Audit Office Forum on ‘Oversight of Public Finances’ in London in December 2019.

PAC Chair, Nadia Knight and lay member, Owen Betts, attended the three day Forum in Westminster and were joined by MLA Leona Roberts. FIG’s Chief Internal Auditor, Philip Honeybone also attended the Internal Audit elements of the event. The Forum brings together Overseas Territories from St Helena, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman, Gibraltar, Turks & Caicos, Pitcairn, Montserrat and British Virgin Islands.

The Forum is part of a four year Overseas Territories Project by the CPA. It will be consolidating previous work on good public financial management practices and supporting and strengthening the capacity of auditors and PAC members across the Overseas Territories.

Owen Betts and Nadia Knight at CPA Forum

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