Public Accounts Committee for the Falkland Islands

As required by the Falkland Islands Constitution, all investigations into public accounts must be made transparent and available to the public. This website provides access to these reports and their findings, as well as news; information regarding ongoing investigations; details on how to raise an enquiry; and the role of the Public Accounts Committee.


Date of Next PAC Meeting

The next meeting of the Public Accounts Committee will be on Thursday 9th September at 3 pm in the PAC Offices on Dean Street. Members…

New Chairperson for Public Accounts Committee

The Falkland Islands Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is made up of three lay members and two members of the Legislative Assembly and is provided for…

Falklands PAC members attend CPA London Forum

Members of the Falkland Islands Public Accounts Committee attended the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK, UK Government, Government Internal Audit Association and National Audit Office Forum…

Role of the Committee

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is a committee independent of the government formed under the Falkland Islands Constitution to study the culpability of public money and spending. Lay members are appointed to the committee by the Governor and its powers in maintaining the important function of good governance include full investigatory autonomy, the ability to call officials for questioning, and the issuing of reports of findings and recommendations to the Legislative Assembly.